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Asphalt Shingles

Marathon Roofing works with the CertainTeed family of products on its' shingle reroofing projects due to the company's high quality and performance standards.

A slate roof replaced with asphalt shingle by Marathon Roofing Maryland
Gutters and Downspouts

Marathon Roofing installs several types of gutters, from built-in to half–round, in materials such as copper, aluminum, and galvanized. We can fabricate any gutter or downspout from any metal using a diagram and dimensions. 

GuttersDownspout Hayfields After 1 cropp

Marathon Roofing is a Firestone-approved and certified flat roof installer using TPO/EPDM materials. These fully adhered roof systems are clean and require very low maintenance.

TPO EPDM on a flat porch roof by Marathon Roofing Cockeysville Maryland

GACO Roof Coating

Marathon Roofing is an approved and licensed GACO applicator, which offers customers a lower-cost alternative for flat roofs and warranties of up to 20 years for this product.

GACO flat roof by Marathon Roofing Cockeysville Maryland

Marathon Roofing uses all variations of natural quarry slate from various regions in the United States. We use reclaimed slate extensively for our repair work to match the existing roof. 

A slate roof by Marathon Roofing Cockeysville Maryland
Sheet Metal

Marathon Roofing prides itself on the vast amount of sheet metal experience of our field employees. We can fabricate almost anything roof-related, from a copper spout head to a flat seam copper roof slope.

A new sheet metal roof on a historic home by Marathon Roofing Cockeysville Maryland

Sharp, Manor, and Ludowici are just a few of the various kinds of tile manufacturers Marathon Roofing uses to repair existing roofs and install new ones. 

A tile roof job by Marathon Roofing Cockeysville Maryland
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