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  • Colleen Brady

Are You Thinking About Installing a Skylight?

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Are you buying a new home, remodeling, doing a roof repair, or putting on a new roof and decided it’s the perfect time to install a skylight? Are you planning to remodel your attic and want to add roof windows? Maybe you’re hesitating because you are afraid of leaks or waking up with the sun. Times have changed, and so have your options. Skylights today come with a ten-year no-leak guarantee and accessories to create a customized experience. Let’s explore some ins and outs of skylights.

Installing a skylight

First Things First

Ask yourself why you want a skylight. What will it bring to the room? Are you doing it to maximize radiant lighting? Lighten up a windowless room? Bring in the fresh air? How big is your space? These questions will help you select the right product for you.

As with anything to do with your roof, remember that it’s an investment. And you don’t trust your assets to just anyone, do you? Start by getting an estimate from a certified and licensed installer or roofing contractor who knows how to install the skylight correctly. They can go over the cost, recommended style and size, and personalized accessories.

It’s important to get the correct roof slope, and that’s where a roofing contractor can help. For instance, you can put a skylight in most shingled or tiled roofs at almost any slope. However, a flat roof can be trickier as the surface of the skylight has a minimum slope.

Skylights on a flat roof
You can have skylights on a flat roof!


Believe it or not, you have options! Do you want solar shades? Ventilation? Do you want the skylight to open?

Skylights today come with a variety of blinds, from Venetian to room darkening. If you have a smart home or a few smart home accessories, you may like the idea of remote control. Yes, you can open and close your blinds and skylight from your mobile phone! Don’t worry; you can still do everything manually.

Other Options

Do you have a small, dark hallway, bathroom, or laundry room that you want to illuminate? You may want to consider a Velux Sun Tunnel®. These cost-effective small tunnels bring natural light from the roof to the ceiling and can lighten any space. They come with diffusers and other accessories as well.

Don't trust the installation to anyone! Contact a certified and licensed roofing contractor. If you live in Baltimore County, Maryland or the surrounding area and are ready for a roofing estimate or repair, call Marathon Roofing at 410-229-9934. We prefer Velux skylights and are happy to share their products with you.

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